The rains are coming, I can feel it. I can smell it. And with it, a cleansing. That familiar cool sweetness in the air. All that surrounds me is ready, waiting, tingling in anticipation. As am I.

All the windows in the house are open and a cool breeze floats through, gently strumming the papers on the corkboard above me and the strings of my heart. There is a movement – a quickening – but I am standing in a deep centeredness, like an oak tree. I can sense others surrounding me, standing alongside me, also patiently waiting for the rain that will drench our branches, cleanse our hearts and lift our spirits. You see, we have been waiting for some time for this moment. This. Present. Moment. No longer are we solitary, holding space and working through our own karmic journey, individual belief constructs and behavioural patterns that keep us small and stunted. We have grown strong and by showing up for ourselves, we are showing up for the collective consciousness and for our planet. We have each joined a vast forest that stretches for miles and miles in all directions, as far as the eye can see; lush, green and full of promise.

There is an awakening going on, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. We are moving into a new era of Earth consciousness – where those who have awakened, flanked by Indigo children, elementals and others, have banded together to raise us up. 2015 has a very different energy to this passing year, which I feel was all about working through our personal constrains to finally free ourselves from what has kept us playing small in our lives to date. As saplings we have grown into yearlings and on toward maturity, our minds and hearts fully opened to our gifts and purpose which must be shared with the world. We must contribute. Our calling is stronger than ever and we have risen up from our slumber to heed it. The time has come to join our voice with the choir and for singing our unique song with heart, soul and conviction.

We are here to realise our full potential, to lift each other up and heal the Earth so we stand united on a whole new level of consciousness. We must consciously choose to create the world we wish to live in, that we wish for our children and grandchildren. By joining together and voting with our dollar; sharing our wisdom and opinions on social media in a loving, constructive way; and making healthful, sustainable choices for our bodies and the planet, we create a powerful catalyst for positive change in the world.

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