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Venessa_Pic-150x150I’m Venessa, but please call me Ness. (All my friends do!) I have always been an intuitive, spiritual person and for the longest time have felt my life is one of contribution and service to others. I want to help others to heal like I have and share my knowledge with the seekers, those searching for something outside of themselves that they can’t quite identify. How we spend our days is how we spend our life and if, on reflection, you feel you wish to do more – Be more – with your life; adventure, explore with freedom and create with passion… then I may just be able to assist you. I have explored and trained in a number of spiritual healing modalities and am currently studying Ayurveda –  the traditional Indian system of medicine that is more than 5,000 years old. Ayurveda literally means ‘the Science of Life.’ It is steeped in spirituality and philosophy but what I most love is its practicality. The sister therapy to yoga, Ayurveda provides a structured approach to facilitate physical healing, support our soul’s learning and development, while helping us live in harmony with the natural world around us. Padmaja Ayurveda is truly medicine for body, mind and soul:

  • Ayurvedic health, nutrition and lifestyle principles // rejuvenate, restore harmony and promote longevity in the physical body;
  • Meditation and other transformational techniques //  free the mind from limiting beliefs and behavioural patterns that may have you feeling underwhelmed; and
  • Learning to co-create your life from the seat of your Soul  // will see you blossom into your most purposeful, spirited and magical Self.

It’s what I call…Tagline_peacockThis blog has been created as a means to connect with you, beauty. To uplift, educate and inspire you to live a life you love. A life you perhaps have once only dreamed of. Not so long ago I was an Executive Assistant supporting senior management in the corporate world. While my career was always promising and progressive, I felt disillusioned, unappreciated and out-of-place. A chronic people pleaser and over-achiever, I was trying too hard to integrate all the parts of my multi-passionate, sensitive self into a three-by-three office. I was exhausted and my health was suffering.  A lightning moment came after an Executive Board Member told me she ‘didn’t think I knew where I wanted to be.’ That lighting bolt struck me to my core. After a few days passed, I put my wounded ego aside and looked deep within. I asked my Self, my Highest Self – my Soul – what I’m really meant to do. Why am I here? What is my purpose? The answer came through loud and clear – Author. What the?! I surrendered… and it all unravelled right there in front of me. All the pieces of the puzzle, known and unknown, just floated down and snapped neatly into place. And for the first time in, oh, I don’t know – ever! – I had total clarity. Today I am a writer, business owner and passionate student of Ayurveda and natural medicine. I am thrilled to have created this blog to share my knowledge – on health, nutrition, herbs, aromatherapy, spirituality, yoga, meditation, music, crystals – and gift my talents. Writer. Speaker. Creative. Yogi. Whole Foodie. Mentor. Health, Lifestyle and Personal Development Coach. Ayurvedic Practitioner (to come!) Spa and Beauty Therapist. I am currently developing a number of exciting resources for you in the form of e-books, e-courses, workshops, retreats, one-on-one coaching and consultations to inform and support your own journey. I’m beyond excited to be here, with you, in this sacred space. Thank you for your presence, your energy and for showing up for yourself. I know there will be plenty of magic happening here as we learn and grow together, and I would love for you to join the tribe… and the choir! (Trust me, you’ve got a set of lungs on you, baby!) Be sure to join the mailing list to be kept up-to-date with news, upcoming events and exclusive ‘members only’ content. This space is for sharing, so please feel free to express your love in the comments, over on our Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter, or connect with me via the Contact form on the website. Welcome, and may the fun begin!

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