Motivational Speaker


Motivational Speaker


Those who know and work with me can attest that I have the gift of the gab. But speaking my truth from a place of honesty, authenticity and integrity hasn’t always come easy. It’s something I’ve learned and continue to develop.

Understanding who I am at the core of my being and how the world fits with me  – not, where I fit in the world – has allowed me to create a life and business of purpose, presence and endless possibility.

Self-actualisation, alignment and congruence of your inner and outer worlds puts a person in their place of power. A space from which to create a vision and framework for a life that truly lights them up. Motivation and engagement become by-products of mastering connection with your highest potential.

Now, my spiritual training can have me talking all deep, meaningful  and profound… but at the end of the day, I’m just someone like you. A human being who craves connection and life with purpose. Motivating teams comes through inspiring individuals. All change comes from within, so if you are wanting to:

  • make a contribution  //  strategic vision & roadmap
  • be of service  //  values based culture & behaviours
  • and inspire good in others  //  motivation & engagement

please contact me to discuss your conference or event.

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