Young Living™ Essential Oils

 Young Living™ Essential Oils

I have been using Young Living essential oils and products for over 2 years now.   After being diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity by my GP and having to quit my job as a paramedical skin and beauty therapist, I had to make some changes.  So I cleaned up my beauty, personal care and home cleaning products to remove the toxic chemical exposure to my body and environment. Young Living has helped transform my health, the health of my family and my home this is why I am pleased to be a Young Living wellness advocate.

Young living essential oils provides me concentrated extracts of plants which I use on myself according to ayurvedic principles.  I enjoy using Young Living essential oils for their therapeutic/healing properties and as a natural fragrance (perfume).  All the Young Living Face, body and cleaning products harness the beneficial qualities of essential oils.  Knowing that each essential oil must pass Young Living’s stringent testing in their “seed to seel” process ensures I always have the highest quality product, without any added toxic chemical to trigger my Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

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